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The Closing Corner: Ms. Mattie

Happy Heart Day! To celebrate, we have another client closing 😍 "When it rains it pours". That's a phrase we have heard a lot in our #Louisville weather conversations, but it is not supposed to pour inside the house. Unfortunately, that's what happened at Ms. Mattie’s home. Mattie will soon say goodbye to a leaking roof and have her floor repaired too, thanks to a Home Improvement and Energy Efficient Loan from #LHOME. Ms. Mattie teaches #preschool children but has been unable to work due to serious health issues. She is currently on the mend and returning to what she loves to do. We are happy for her improved health and that we could play a small part in keeping the rain outside where it belongs. Mattie, like so many of us, found that there are times we need just a little extra help and understanding regarding finances. LHOME exist to help find ways to deal with those times that affect some of the most vulnerable members of our community. Please visit us today and check out more of our loan programs. #WeAreLHOME #SomosLHOME #fairlending #homerepair

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Anthony L. Smith
Anthony L. Smith
26 feb 2020

Congrats, Ms. Mattie!

Me gusta
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