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Closing Corner: Edwindra Johnson

Many paths, many roads, with only one leading home. So it seems with Edwindra as she has traveled and worked overseas, lived in Chicago yet maintained her family residence where she remembers fondly as a young person growing up in Louisville’s West End.

As a member of The Crocker Family, Edwindra is inspired by the contributions her family members have made and continue to make to the community over many years. Recently, Edwindra joined forces with Sponsors 4 Success (S4S) and LHOME to secure funding for rehabilitation work of her South 43rd Street property. This project will not only provide for some improvements to her former home, it will also bring awareness that it is possible to gain access to capital to do improvements. LHOME is pleased to be a part of this Small Developer/Investor loan along with our friend and President of S4S, Butch Mosby.

This is the type of project that proves, once again, that no matter how far you roam, there is no place like home. Please contact us to learn about this and other loan products we offer;

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