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Closing Corner: Taylor Ryan

We have your back, Louisville!

Our inaugural Lifeline Loan closed today! Congratulations to Ms. Taylor Ryan. She is the executive director of Change Today Change Tomorrow and she will use her loan to pay down energy bills so she can use focus on supporting our unhoused population in Louisville. Taylor helps feed more than 100 unhoused Louisvillians every month. If you'd like to volunteer, check out her Umoja Project every other Thursday.

This was a major milestone for #LHOME. Ms. Ryan's closing was our first ever virtual closing. Being a small, nimble organization means we can adapt in the midst of a crisis.We are eternally grateful to Taylor for her patience during this process. Special thanks to David and the whole team at Lenderfit for all their digital support. LHOME is continuing to find innovative ways to support folks in our investment area. Check out our zoom screenshot of the digital loan closing below!

LHOME is proud to provide immediate and meaningful financial assistance to those in our community facing economic instability posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic disaster. This is an unprecedented time of upheaval and unknowns.

We made a lightning fast pivot, coordinating with the City of Louisville and other partners, to roll out our Lifeline Loan, an easily manageable alternative to a payday loan. And on top of that, we figured out how to process these loans with virtual closings! We are surfing a big wave in the financial world!

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