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Property Tax Assistance

Your annual property tax bill just arrived, but you don't have the cash to pay it. LHOME has partnered with the West End Opportunity Partnership to provide relief for rising property taxes in nine West End neighborhoods.


If you live in the Algonquin, California, Chickasaw, Park Duvalle, Parkhill, Parkland, Portland, Russell or Shawnee neighborhoods, you may qualify for assistance in the form of a grant or 0% interest loan. 

We can also lend up to $5,000 at a *fixed rate ranging from 3% - 5% APR to pay your property tax. Avoid fees, penalties, tax liens, or losing your home. Stay in your home and pay back our low-interest loan directly to LHOME.

* Underwriting criteria apply. All loans are subject to review and approval.

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