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The Closing Corner: BlackHaq

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

James Bennett, President of Blackhaq Enterprises, Inc. is ready to roll when you are! His trucking company keeps several heavy duty dump trucks on the move when there is hauling to be done. Thanks to a small business loan from LHOME James is putting new shoes where the rubber meets the road. New tires cost a chunk but are critical for safety, which is the highest priority for this transport company. Some of the funds will also allow for additional driving hours when the Spring season arrives with an increased demand for Blackhaq’s services. This #minorityowned business enterprise (#MBE) has many #Kentucky and national certifications and is ready to go to work on most any hauling project, large or small.

This loan is another example how collaboration with other like-minded lenders can work to help, not only the borrower but our community at large. Park Community Credit Union referred James to LHOME because another lender was needed to accommodate the borrowers needs. Since James also had good references from previous lenders like Woodforest National Bank, it made it even easier for LHOME to say yes! Safe travels and when moving something is on your mind, LEAVE THE HAULING TO US, call James at Blackhaq Enterprises, Inc. (502) 500-9235 or contact him by email him at #BlackOwnedBusiness

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Anthony L. Smith
Anthony L. Smith

Congrats, James!

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