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Closing Corner: Gazerrya Martin

LHOME is supporting the West End through these trying times. As our city comes to together, we look forward to uplifting our neighbors with a new Lifeline Loan from LHOME.

LHOME is committed to #fairlending. We want to focus on helping the those in need. Thanks to the efforts of our network, we were able to close a loan with Ms. Gazerrya Martin. Ms. Martin recently started a catering company called Cafe Shauntee named after her mother who passed away. Just as she got her first batch of clients, the world went into quarantine mode. Throughout this pandemic, she has helped by providing prepared meals to support her neighbors. The LHOME Lifeline Loan will provide $500 for Ms. Martin's LG&E bill so she can continue to offer free meals to those in need--particularly elderly residents and those with children.

LHOME is continuing to find innovative ways to support folks in our investment area. Like many residents in our investment area, Ms, Martin does not have access to a laptop. She was able to work with the LHOME team to complete a virtual closing on her smart phone and the Google Duo App.

Please join us in congratulating Ms. Martin and check out her catering/food prep business on Instagram. #CafeShauntee

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pitak wijitwong
pitak wijitwong
Aug 08, 2021

Selois Shead
Selois Shead
Apr 07, 2020

Congratulations on your continued success. We need more businesses like yours to help feed our communities in these trying times.

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