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Closing Corner:

Hello everyone and welcome back to the #ClosingCorner!

#LHOME pro tip: Keep those contacts, one never knows when they will come in handy.

Well over one year ago, while attending a community meeting about accessing capital, conducted at 1619 Flux, Matthew Harrell Sr. met an LHOME loan officer and exchanged business cards. At that time Matthew was transitioning from the insurance business into following his passion for the developer/contractor business. After some smaller but successful contracts he decided to look for capital for the first time outside his company’s balance sheet. LHOME and APK Development and Construction, LLC (Matthew’s company), just entered into a financial agreement that will allow a home on Louisville’s Southwestern Parkway to be renovated and sold. With a daughter doing great work in medical school and a son learning valuable skills from his dad, the entire family is focused on doing positive work for their community and we at LHOME are pleased to welcome Matthew and his company onto an expanding list of contractors doing great work to improve our community.

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