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LHOME, Louisville’s Intentionally Inclusive Lender,
is pleased to offer the

Back to Business initiative (B2B)

to support small businesses in targeted neighborhoods that were negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Small Business Loan 

Our small business loan can help you build your business

Working Capital Loan 

Our working capital loan is a short-term loan meant to help you build affordable housing and commercial properties and meet your contract deadlines.


Home Repair and

Energy Efficiency Loan 

This loans can help you upgrade your home to improve comfort and energy efficiency.

Job Up! Loan 

This loan was developed to help you become re-certified to practice in your professional field


Property Tax Assistance Loan

This loan was developed to help you pay current and past property tax bills.

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LHOME offers a number of low-interest consumer and business loans. Our target markets are the 15 zip codes in West and South Louisville that have historically been impacted by redlining and discrimination.


Increase your financial know-how. Learn how to save for emergencies, pay down debt, invest in your side hustle, grow your small business. Discover the advantages of home-ownership. All of this and more with LHOME's Money Monday series.


We share resources, events, and tips from our community partners around Metro Louisville.

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We are LHOME


Intentionally Inclusive Lending

LHOME is a mission-driven nonprofit financial institution that provides affordable loan products and financial coaching services to low-income small business owners, renters, and homeowners in Louisville, KY. LHOME is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), certified by the CDFI Fund at the U.S. Treasury.

Learn more about us HERE.

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