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Business Coaching

The team at LHOME works to provide funding in the most inclusive and intentional way within our community. As part of that mission, we want to share the tools needed to prepare, present and succeed as a business owner! Business Concierge Services are provided by our professional team of experts for those who desire assistance in the following areas:


Business Plans

Learn different types of business plan models.

Learn how to create an effective business plan.

Ensure business plan reflects YOU!


Review book and record keeping methods for best practices.

Discover online tools to make accounting easier.

Learn how to budget for your business size and needs.

Best Practices

Take the customer service exam.

Discover ways to improve and increase sales.

Learn methods to ensure your business functions efficiently.

Checklists for Success

Start by Setting SMART Goals

Credit Report Checklist

Writing with Pen

For More Assistance Contact:

Ms. Jamie Keith

Small Business Coach


Documentation was funded in part by Louisville / Jefferson County Metro Government (Through its Community Development Block Grant)
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